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Who we are

LUXSOLAR, leading manufacturer of LED Aircraft Warning Lights (LED), was founded in 2001 by Vincenzo Di Giovine, CEO of Combustion and Energy Srl that since 1988 manufactures and installs all over the world equipment for chemical and petrochemical plants.

Aircraft Warning Lights

Aircraft Warning Lights are used to warn the presence of high buildings: skyscrapers, towers, chimneys, wind generators, offshore platforms, etc.; ensuring a safe air navigation. 


LUXSOLAR is one of the very few companies that can offer a complete range of LED Aircraft Warning Lights, from low (32cd) to high (270.000cd) intensity, with very high qualitative standards due to their European and American components.

"In LUXSOLAR we know that a quality and regulation conformity self-certification is not enough; for this reason our LED beacons had been tested by STAC laboratories in Toulouse and have obtained the conformity certification to ICAO Annex 14 regulations."

"Even if LUXSOLAR is a young company in few years it has developed a lot and for the next years we have a lot of projects and new solutions".

In LUXSOLAR everything is made for passion.